Choosing My Tires

Tire Size

We need the correct shoe size in order to comfortably walk and run. In this same way your car needs the correct tire size to ride on the road safely and smoothly. There are three locations in which you can find your car's tire size: Tire Sidewall, Inside door on driver's side or Owner's manual.

Tire Size on Tire Sidewall


Tire Size on Driver's Door


Once you are aware of what tire size you are looking for, you can move on to choosing a tire from the vast amount of options. One that is suitable to your kind of conditions and usage.

Going back to our shoe analogy, we have running shoes, shoes for work and shoes for other activities. We can wear sandals when the weather is below 60 degrees but is it the best option? In the same way there are tires specifically built taking into consideration weather and road conditions between other factors. If you live in a place like Los Angeles, California were it does not snow then maybe you will not look into buying tires specifically built for snowy conditions as if you were in New York.

Ask yourself:

What weather conditions do I drive in ? Where will I be driving ? Long highways, city streets, forest paths?What is my driving style? Do I like to feel comfortable and not have a lot of road noise?

When you have an idea of what you want and need for your car, we encourage you to come in or call to ask any further suggestions regarding the tires that will most benefit you.

Useful Questions to ask us:

  • What type of tires do you recommend for my vehicle and my specific driving needs (weather conditions, types of roads, driving style, etc.)?
  • For that type of tire, what specific product do you recommend?
  • Why do you recommend this tire over others?
  • Are any other services included?

Availability and price

  • If a tire you have in mind is not mentioned in our website, it does not mean its not available, contact us to ask about your tire.
  • Remember that an okay or good price is not always a good value : tires that last longer can save on fuel and keep you safe, offering better value in the long run.
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