Oil Change

oil change

Having your vehicle’s engine oil changed regularly is important because the oil is the lifeline of the engine. It is essential to the engine because it helps to lubricate components, preventing metal to metal contact between parts. It also helps to keep the engine cool and clean, picking up dirt and grime and bringing it back through the oil filter as it circulates.

Typically, an oil change is needed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but the interval that is right for you will depend upon your vehicle’s age, make/model, and your individual driving habits. When you need an oil change service, University Tire & Auto Service in Los Angeles, CA, is here to help. We are the professional choice when it comes to comprehensive oil changes in the area.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

At our shop, we take pride in providing high-quality oil change solutions to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained. Here are some of the benefits of your regular oil change service:

  • Enhanced gas mileage – If you are a long-distance driver, an oil change can improve your gas mileage. With an oil change, the engine operates at optimum performance, which, in turn, enables your car to run for more miles with lesser gas.
  • Extended engine longevity – The oil in your engine becomes dirty over time with grime and sludge when it circulates while the engine is running. If left unchanged, the engine's internal components can become very dirty and will be left without lubrication, which can cause extensive wear. Having your oil changed on time will extend the life of your engine overall.
  • Engine lubrication – Imagine the friction that takes place between the engine cylinders and pistons. Now imagine if there wasn't any lubrication. By changing your engine oil, it lubricates the engine preventing overheating and metal to metal contact among critical components.

What Happens When You Skip an Oil Change?

While we know that finding time to have your regular oil change performed can be a hassle, skipping oil changes can have dire consequences when it comes to the health of your vehicle. Engines with dirty and old oil overheat more frequently because more energy will be needed to overcome the friction between the working engine components. The lack of lubrication also causes parts to rub together, damaging them and leading to engine problems over time.

Preventative Maintenance: Oil Change & Inspections

Prevention is better than cure! University Tire and Auto Service in Los Angeles, CA, can help you create an effective preventative maintenance plan for your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for an oil change, we perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to look for any warning signs of an issue. Taking care of small problems early on can help save you both time and money in the long run.

If you need an oil change in Los Angeles, CA, bring your vehicle into University Tire & Auto Service today! Call us or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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