Products & Services

University Tire Center offers a wide variety of products and services to meet almost every automotive repair or maintenance need. The following is a partial list of our most common services. We offer everything from new tire installations, to brake service, to wheel alignment, and much more!

New Tire Installation & Tire Repairs

Need some new shoes for your ride? Our team of tire experts has you covered with a wide array of tire repair choices, not to mention competitive pricing on all the leading brands. We have a wide variety of new tires in stock, as well as the ability to special order tires for any vehicle, including trucks, trailers, ATVs, and lawn / garden equipment. We repair tires using the American Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA). Click the link below to learn how our tire repairs are done. University Tire Center & Auto Service offers new tire installation, you can view our specials page for more info.

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Brake Service


University Tire Center & Auto Service offers reliable brake service repairs so you can drive with confidence wherever you go! It begins with a thorough brake system inspection. We can even offer you free brake inspection! Using quality parts and trained technicians, you'll have peace of mind when it comes to your car's most important safety system.

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Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment refers to a suspension adjustment that keeps you driving straight on the road. The result is you'll have better control over your car, especially at highway speeds.

Regular alignments also prevent premature wear on expensive tires, steering, and suspension components. Also, by decreasing friction caused by out of wheel alignment condition, the vehicle consumes much less fuel, meaning you save at the pump!

University Tire & Auto Service offers the option of a lifetime wheel alignment plan. Pay one time, and return for unlimited free alignments - for life! Learn more about what our customers have to say by clicking here!

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Ignition interlock installation - Intoxalock

University Tire and Auto Service Center is state certified to install ignition interlocks or also known as car breathalyzers. Ignition interlock installations are commonly ordered to as a result of a drunk driving conviction (DUI/OW/OUI/DWI), but it can also be installed as a preventative measure. With our experienced technicians we have the ability to install your ignition interlock device, provide training, device calibration and reporting.Contact us here!



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