Everything about Brakes

Every experienced driver is aware that pushing down on the brake pedal makes the car stop. The brake is the mechanical device that makes this possible through friction. When pressing down on the brake pedal, you activate the cylinder that delivers brake fluid to the calipers that then engage your brake pads. Your brake pads then apply pressure to the rotors, creating the friction needed to stop your car. It is crucial that the brakes in your car are in good condition not only to have the best driving experience but the safest one too.

University Tire & Auto offers a thorough brake inspection free of charge that includes checking:

  • Pads and/or shoes
  • Rotors and/or drums
  • Hardware: Springs and adjusters
  • Parking Brake Cables
  • Wheel bearings & grease seals
  • Calipers
  • Wheel Cylinders
  • Hose
  • Fluid Condition
  • Master Cylinder

Each one of these parts have an important role towards the overall action of braking,

Бrake pads

Brake Pads

Brake pads are a very important brake part because they are the component that contacts and applies pressure and friction to a vehicle's brake rotors hence making the car come to a stop.

Бrake disc

Brake Rotors

The brake rotor (also known as the brake disc) is directly connected to your tire. When the brake rotor stops due to the friction and clamping by the brake pad, the tire stops too.

Brake caliper

Brake Caliper

The brake caliper fits over the rotor like a clamp. The caliper slows down the car's wheels when creating friction with the rotor by applying pressure and activating the brake pads so the pads create contact with the rotors. The caliper requires brake fluid in order to function properly.


Brake Hose

When you press down on your brake pedal, brake fluid travels through the brake hose to each caliper, which puts the brake pads into action.

Brake Fluid

Aids in the movement of the brake pedal to actuate the brake pads at the wheels – thus stopping your vehicle. Without brake fluid your car can lag in stopping or even worse not stop at all.

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