brakes repair

A vehicle's braking system has an important job – it slows down or stops your vehicle when you need it to. When you press down on that brake pedal, you expect your vehicle to respond. However, a brake problem can seriously diminish braking ability and can sometimes lead to brake failure, which is why preventative maintenance and brake services are so important when it comes to your safety on the road.

At University Tire & Auto Service, we provide unmatched brake system repairs and maintenance to Los Angeles, CA. Our ASE certified technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable about every make and model of vehicle, and can assist with any brake service or repair you may need. Whether you believe you are due for new brake pads or want to get squealing brakes inspected, you can trust our professional auto shop to assist.

We focus on providing client-focused, affordable, and timely solutions to ensure you get back to the road with high performing and responsive brakes. We also provide an outstanding 2-Year/24,000-Mile warranty for any defects in repairs or shortcomings in workmanship. With such a quality guarantee, you will be driving confidently, knowing that your brakes won’t let you down on the road.

Different Brake Components

The braking system consists of many different critical components. They include:

  • Rotor – They are considered to be the heart of the braking system. They are large circular discs usually found behind the wheels. They operate at high temperatures, and that's why the choice of metal is critical.
  • Brake pads – These are the rubberized part of the brakes that come in contact with the rotor when you step on the brake pedal. They require optimal temperatures to operate perfectly.
  • Caliper – A caliper pushes the pad/shoe against the rotor and ensures a firm grip to stop wheel rotation.
  • Lines – These are tubes/lines containing brake fluid. Hydraulic action makes the fluid transfer force from the pedals to the pads, and thus slowing down your vehicle.

Symptoms of a Faulty Braking System

  • Squealing or clicking sounds/noise
  • Delayed braking response
  • Vibrating brake pedals when pressed
  • Your car's hood pulls to one side every time you brake

Brake Fluid Testing, Flushing, and Maintenance

Bringing in your car for brake service is important to maintain your safety. Our ASE professionals will test your brake fluid to investigate the contamination level. You don't want corrosion within your brake fluid because your brakes' performance will quickly deteriorate.

At University Tire & Auto Service, you deal with knowledgeable professionals. We understand that the appearance of depletion or corrosion is not the only determinant for fluid replacement. We will carefully check the copper parts per million [ppm] in the system, which determines whether or not to flush the fluid.

If you need brake repair in Los Angeles, CA, bring your vehicle to University Tire & Auto Service today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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