What Should You Do If You See a Rust Spot on Your Car?

There's nothing more damaging to a gorgeous vehicle than hideous rust spots. They are more common than you think, but with the proper rust prevention methods, you can keep your car looking spotless for a long time. Let's do a deer dive in rust formation in vehicles:


Certain areas of a car are more prone to rust than others, and unfortunately, a lot of the spots you don't see every day. The following parts are rust-prone:

  • Bumpers
  • Fenders
  • Hood
  • Trunk
  • The undercarriage of the car

Prevention Tips

It might be silly to say, but washing your vehicle on a regular basis can help rust spots from developing. This is because a thorough wash will get rid of the abrasive elements and corrosive chemicals that can ruin your car's finish. Having a clean surface will keep your car paint in excellent shape. Also, applying wax or ceramic coating to your car can add an extra layer of protection against dirt and debris. There are also rust-protection sprays that you can use. Additionally, it would be best to always touch up any paint chips you may have had from collisions or mishaps before they can transpire into rust. 


Even with good practices like the one above, those reddish spots can appear out of nowhere. So what should you do if you see a rust spot?

  • Use a razor blade or sandpaper to very carefully eliminate the rust.
  • Paint on a rust arrestor.
  • Add a layer of primer.
  • Apply a layer of touch-up paint.

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