What are the Biggest Problems with Transmissions?

They design your automatic transmission to switch gears automatically using a system of built-in sensors and internal oil pressure. This automatic switching process takes the place of manual transmissions that require the driver to shift gears manually.

If any of the components involved in this process are broken or missing, problems with your transmission are likely to occur. In this article, we look at a few common transmission issues (and how to solve them).

Signs There's a Problem with Your Automatic Transmission

One of the clearest signs of automatic transmission trouble is your car not shifting when it's put in gear. For example, if it takes your car a few extra seconds to shift into drive (or if it doesn't shift into gear at all) this is a sign of a transmission issue.

A good mechanic may suggest a fluid exchange service to resolve this issue. Other potential fixes include resetting the car computer or contacting a certified mechanic.

If you're noticing strange whining sounds or noises coming from underneath your car while driving, this is another sign of a potential transmission issue.

When engine and transmission components aren't lubricated, this can cause internal friction in the transmission that presents itself as whining, scraping or clicking.

Any kind of burning smell coming from your car or transmission is usually not a good sign. A primary cause of burning smells coming from your transmission are low automatic transmission fluid levels, sludge or build-up ignited by friction or having the wrong fluids installed in your vehicle.

How to Fix a Problem with Your Automatic Transmission

One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your automatic transmission is to keep transmission fluid levels at their recommended capacity.

Follow the vehicle manufacturer's instructions for service and recommended fluid levels. If you don't feel comfortable performing the service yourself, have your transmission serviced by a certified automotive mechanic.

Is your vehicle experiencing one (or more) of the symptoms listed above? We invite you to bring your car into our service center for an automatic transmission diagnostic or service today!

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