What Does ASE-Certified Mean & Why It Should Be Important to You

At University Tire & Auto Service, we are proud to have ASE-certified technicians working in our facility. We are so proud that you've probably seen it all over our site. The average person might not know what ASE-certified means, but it is a significant professional accomplishment for technicians in our industry. 


The letters ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and has been a nationally acknowledged credential since 1972. It is through an independent non-profit organization whose main purpose is to improve the quality of automotive repair and workmanship with regular tests and certifications. It takes much time and devotion for a mechanic to acquire this certification, making it a noteworthy achievement. There are various programs and certificates that a mechanic can gain, but ASE has the highest prestige by holding the highest standards.


What does the ASE certification mean when looking for a mechanic?

Choosing who repairs and services your automobile is a crucial decision. You want someone who is honest, trustworthy, credible, and overall knows what they're doing. Before qualifying for the certification, the mechanic must possess at least two years of on-the-job training. Some individuals can substitute this with education. Even after meeting the requirements and passing the test, the mechanic will have to get recertified every five years. These tests are not easy, especially when the industry constantly evolves with better methods and advanced equipment. The University Tire & Auto Service team always acknowledges these changes and continually works to improve our maintenance and repair techniques. 


You should always do your research before choosing an automotive shop to do your maintenance and repairs. The ASE certification can indicate the level of quality you can expect from a shop's services. ASE technicians can handle complex challenges and overcome them with excellent problem-solving. This mark on an auto repair shop can give you the peace of mind that your car will be in good hands when you drop it off at the shop.  


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