What Are the Most Important Dashboard Warning Lights?

Every driver needs to understand the lights, messages, and signals their car gives them. And your dashboard is not one information center that you should neglect. The dashboard warning lights can indicate all kinds of problems with varying severities. However, these are the five most common warning lights that you should know about:

Check Engine Light

This yellow light is the most important one of all that can pop up on your dashboard. It reveals a problem with your engine or engine-related part, and most of the time, it requires repairs. Various things can cause the light, so it's best to have a professional diagnose the problem with scan tools.

Coolant Light

The coolant temperature light is a symbol of a thermometer dipped in liquid. When it is lit and red, it can signal a dangerous overheating problem. You should pull over and turn your car off ASAP when you catch it. It would be best if you waited for your vehicle to cool off before checking things out and driving again.

Oil Pressure Light

When the light of a traditional oil can come on, it means that your oil pressure has significantly dropped. You should get your vehicle to an auto repair shop so a professional can inspect the oil pump, filter, and more.

Electrical System Light

The electrical warning light may not be as damaging as some other messages, but it may signal an immediate need for attention. It means that something is wrong with the car battery or charging system. Don't delay this light's repairs as it could lead to a vehicle breakdown.

TPMS Light

The tire pressure monitoring light will come on when one or more of your tires have lost a significant amount of air. When you catch this light, please run to a gas station and fill your tires with air right away to avoid tire damage. Driving underinflated tires will also drain your gas tank faster, which is not something you want with soaring gas prices.


Neglecting these lights can lead to unfavorable consequences like increased repairs and other major inconveniences. If you need one of these warning lights diagnosed and repaired, we urge you to bring your vehicle to University Tire & Auto Service today.

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