How Serious Is the ABS Warning Light?

Seeing a warning light on your vehicle’s control panel can catch you off guard at first. Depending on the symbol or message, it can signal a major emergency.  The truth is: you should never ignore ANY warning light. 


When it comes to your ABS light, or anti-lock brake system light, you should bring your car to University Tire & Auto Service for repairs promptly. 


As mentioned, ABS is your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. This system prevents your brake from locking up in hazardous situations. Multiple sensors make up a large part of this system, and they monitor your brake performance and wheel rotational speed. There are several reasons that can explain why this light is on:

  • General poor brake performance
  • Low brake fluid
  • Blown fuse or bad wiring
  • Broken sensors

Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, the light’s behavior can indicate the nature of the problem. However, you can always count on the auto professionals at University Tire & Auto Service to uncover and fix the issue. We can inspect the sensors, test the wheel speed, check fuses, and more. 


 If you need ABS repair, please give University Tire & Auto Service a call or visit today!

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