Tips on How to Pass the California Smog Check

Smog checks, or emissions testing, can be intimidating and stressful. If your vehicle does not pass this government-required test, then your car will not be registered to drive. To avoid the stress of fees and expenses, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure you pass your emissions test with flying colors.


In order to pass the smog check, your car should run efficiently without releasing too many harmful pollutants. Here are some things you can do or take care of before your scheduled test:

  • Repair Check Engine Light - If this dashboard warning light is on, it will result in an immediate failure. Make sure you have your check engine warning diagnosed, repaired, and reset before your test. 
  • Get an Oil Change - Dirty motor oil is high in hydrocarbons, which are a type of harmful pollutant that can lead to smog test failure. Therefore, it is wise to fill your car with clean oil before your test. Plus, an oil change service will allow professionals to inspect for any cracks or other damage.
  • Do a Drive Test - It can be helpful to warm up your car before a smog check to make sure your catalytic converter can do its jobs correctly. You can test days or even weeks before your scheduled test to spot any irregularities.
  • Get a Pre-Inspection - A pre-test inspection is the surest way to make sure your car is prepared for success. Some automotive repair facilities will help you out by offering affordable pre-test inspections. 

If you need a tune-up or any of the above services done, please be sure to bring your car to the experts at University Tire & Auto Service in Los Angeles. Our experienced mechanics will set you up for success!

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