The Importance of the Vehicle's Exhaust System

When your car, SUV, or truck's exhaust system is working as it should, you won't experience any unusual sounds, smells, or feelings. In contrast, there's no doubt you won't be able to catch an exhaust system problem. More importantly, you should have your repairs done right away, or it can become deadly.

The automobile's exhaust system consists of the catalytic converter, muffler, tailpipe, and other exhaust pipes. In summary, all these parts work in tandem to draw your harmful exhaust fumes away from the motor, change their composition, and remove them from the back of the vehicle. Even in the healthiest cars, these fumes can be toxic and deadly. Ignoring exhaust problems can not only spread to other damages, but it is a huge concern and can cost you a life. 


Signs You Need Exhaust System Repairs

If you notice any of the following tell-tale signs, you most likely need to have your catalytic converter, muffler, or exhaust pipes inspected and repaired.

  • Lit Check Engine Light - When this dreaded yellow light comes on, it can mean various things; one of them is a failing catalytic converter. For accurate check engine light diagnostics, you can count on the team at University Tire & Auto Service. We can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and recommend the proper repairs.
  • Loud Noises - If your car sounds much louder than usual when accelerating, your muffler or tailpipe may be impacted. Exhaust leaks and physical deterioration of these parts can cause a noisy eruption. 
  • Trembling - If your vehicle is suffering from random vibrations and a loss of power, it can suggest that your exhaust system is compromised.
  • Lower Fuel Economy - Since the engine fumes aren't properly removed, your engine will strain itself. As a result, your fuel efficiency will decline. Please take your car in for an inspection to reduce excess fuel consumption.

You can trust University Tire & Auto Services for all of your auto exhaust repair and maintenance needs. We can pinpoint the exact problem and get you the needed repairs to avoid worsening damages. If you are experiencing the signs above, please bring your vehicle to our Los Angeles auto service shop today.

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