Save That Crack

In the warmer months, many people tend to have travel plans to get away and have some fun in the sun. However, you never know when the unexpected could happen, such as a fractured windshield, cracked window, or other chipped glass surfaces. When you find yourself with auto glass damage, don’t panic. The auto glass professionals at University Tire & Auto Service are here for the rescue.


When summer rolls around, it tends to be dry and hot outside. Because of this, rocks and rubble tend to fly out and about on the road and can hit your windshield while driving. If this does occur, the best thing to do is find a trusted auto repair shop that can repair your damage as soon as possible.


Glass damage does not mesh well with extreme heat and cold. Cracks tend to spread quickly, especially in the heat, so having the glass damage repaired promptly can prevent the crack from worsening and obstructing your vision. If the fractured spot is big enough and in your line of sight, driving with it can get you a ticket. To avoid driving illegally, please consider getting the damage repaired soon.


When your car has a broken glass surface, it is important for you to be cautious of the temperature. Avoid drastic temperature changes, like blaring your A/C while it is hot outside. Additionally, avoiding pressure changes can prevent the crack from spreading as well.


If you are looking for dependable auto glass solutions, University TIre & Auto Service is the go-to source. We can repair your glass with quality materials so that you can be on the road safe once again. Please give us a call or visit for inquiries today.

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