It May Be Time for A Wheel Alignment

Several essential parts work together to keep your car driving straight. When the wheels become misaligned, your vehicle may become more difficult to control. If you recently went too fast over a speed bump or hit a pothole, the wheels could get knocked out of balance. Over time, you may notice a significant hit to performance, followed by a decrease in gas mileage. Below are five crucial signs; it's time for a wheel alignment.  

Crooked Steering Wheel 

An off-center steering wheel is a common sign that the wheel alignment needs to be adjusted. If you have to strong-arm the steering wheel to keep it driving straight, it's time to reach out to a trusted mechanic. 

Vehicle Vibrating 

Misaligned wheels will cause your tires to fight to move in different vibrations. This struggle between all four wells can cause your vehicle to vibrate in severe cases. 

Uneven tire wear 

Your tires can give you a lot of information about your vehicle's health, so it's essential to take time to inspect them. Visually inspect the tire tread. If any tire has uneven tread wear, it can indicate an alignment issue. 

Squealing Tires 

Tires are not usually noisy during driving conditions. If you notice a squealing while on your commute, the wheels may have been knocked out of alignment. When your vehicle is out of alignment, the tires cannot properly contact the road, causing them to squeal. 

Pulling to One Side 

If you're driving on a flat road and take your hands off the steering wheel, your vehicle should still go straight. If your car pulls to the right or left the moment you remove your hands, the wheels will need to be realigned. 

Wheel Alignment Service in Los Angeles, CA

University Tire & Auto Service is the dealership alternative for automotive repair in Los Angeles. If you notice any of the above signs, reach out to our expert technicians for an inspection. 

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