How to Remove Scratches from Car Paint

Any car owner knows that there is nothing as disturbing as discovering a scratch on the car's surface. Although it's hard to avoid scratches because car paint does scratch easily and can be caused by car accidents, poor parking, vandalism, and other parking issues. These scratches should not worry you too much, since you can quickly fix them. Depending on the scratch's depth, there are methods to remove scratches from car paint. Check out the following guide on removing scratches from your car paint.

Access the Damage

Before fixing the damage, it's crucial to outline if the scratch qualifies for you to do it yourself or if you need to take it to a professional. Therefore, you should run your fingernail across the scratched area to determine its depth. If your fingernail slides over without catching, then it is a minor scratch that you can fix. However, if your nail catches in the scratch, it may be more profound than you can resolve; it would be best to visit a professional.

Prepare the Area for Repair

Once you have certified that it is a shallow scratch, clean your car of any debris and dirt with soapy water and a towel. This ensures that the debris does not cause more damage to the paint as you try to fix the scratch. Additionally, tape off the scratched area to help you identify the specific area you start repairing.

Work on the Scratched Area

Depending on the scratch depth, use 3,000 or 5,000 grid sandpaper to sand down the area working against the scratch direction. As you do this, spray both the sandpaper and the scratched area with water to reduce friction. Keep at it until it disappears and blend the area to be uniform.

Polish the Surface

Clean the surface again with a microfiber towel to get rid of any unwanted debris and add the polish with a swirling motion around the area. Work on the site until it is uniformly polished. Remove any excess polish with the microfiber towel.


Now add some wax to the area to protect your paint and your car's clear coat.


Although there are many ways to get rid of scratches, visiting a professional for deeper scratches is imperative. Additionally, this method may require special tools whose lack of use may cause more harm to your car.

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