How to Perfect Your University Commute

Not all college students will have the benefits and convenience of living on campus. Additionally, if you are attending a community college, you may not have the opportunity to at all. Did you know that more than three-quarters of university students are commuters, so it is expected that your campus will be very busy during peak hours.


With thousands of students driving to school in LA every morning and afternoon, you're more than likely to encounter some traffic and/or parking issues. The most important thing to grasp is to give yourself enough time to arrive at class on time and to always participate in safe driving practices. Here are some additional recommendations for your daily commute to school that will keep you and your vehicle safe: 


Tip #1: Leave for school early, especially in the first couple of weeks of classes. During this time, traffic will be the most congested. Leaving your house or apartment early will prevent you from speeding and running to class.


Tip #2: Plan out your parking situation ahead of time. You may have difficulties finding parking, so try getting to your lecture first to snag a good parking spot (and a good seat). Larger schools, such as USC, tend to have multiple parking lots or structures. Try to get familiar with the campus parking locations beforehand to avoid stress. 


Tip #3: Watch out for pedestrians. Many students and professors will be trekking around campus. For everyone's safety, proceed with caution at nearby crosswalks and sidewalks.


Tip #4: Have your car examined before the semester starts. Getting a proper inspection will ensure it is in good shape to get you where you need to be. It will also alleviate the stress for your parents. You can also catch problems earlier, so you don't have to worry about such issues later when you can be focused on exams.


We hope these words of advice will be helpful if you're planning on commuting to school this semester. If your vehicle is due for a maintenance service, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit University Tire & Auto Service.

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