Benefits of Having a Coolant Flush

The appropriate maintenance of your fluid flushes contributes significantly to optimal car functioning. Coolant flushes form essential parts of the cooling system. They minimize engine overheating, which results in significant car troubles. Engine coolants are a combination of ethylene or propylene glycol and water, generally in a 50/50 ratio. There are different types of engine coolants, and it is essential to get the correct type that works for the specific vehicle.

Importance of Engine Coolant

The absence of the coolant would make the heat from the combustion style ruing the engine quickly. A once in a year coolant flush maintains effective working of the cooling system. Why should you get a coolant flush?

Eliminates Anti-freeze

Old antifreeze tends to turn acidic and begins to clump. Coolant flush replaces the old stuff with fresh antifreeze, which performs its function effectively.

Eradicates Contaminants

Old antifreeze loses its anti-corrosive properties. This results in the accumulation of contaminants. A coolant flush drains the coolant system and eliminates dirt and other materials. The pollutants can prevent the effective functioning of the cooling system.

Increases the Life Span of the Water Pump

During a coolant flush, the vehicle is filled with fresh antifreeze, which lubricates the water pump. This reduces the need for a water pump replacement that incurs expensive costs for the car owners.

Promotes Vehicle Maintenance

Coolant flushes are generally conducted at every 40,000 miles. However, car manual consultation is recommended to get the appropriate coolant flush intervals to maintain optimal car function. Coolant flushes enable technicians to complete more diagnostic tests on the cooling system. Right repairs are completed conveniently to eliminate possible vehicle break downs.

Our auto repair shops are always open to complete any coolant flushes and other cooling system repairs. If you need o speak to our customer service, your queries will be responded to by our dedicated customer service personnel.

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